Archwell is a new breed of reseller that focuses itself on doing everything possible to improve the profitability of the lender.

Archwell Solutions simplifies the mortgage lending and financial services process with ahead-of-the- curve automation. The results are ancillary products that deliver more profitability to lenders

How does Archwell Solutions do this?

The answer entails employing less labor; lowering the dependency on high skills; improving data quality and error rates; lowering transaction costs; diverting fees to providers; accelerating time to closing; eliminating duplicate ordering; negotiating best of breed terms and conditions with world class providers; reducing compliance risk; rendering useful metrics; and providing custom reports at no cost.

Our Secret Sauce

For the most part ancillary products themselves have not changed much over time.

This lack of change is partly because the mortgage and lending industry is so heavily regulated, but it is also because no one has spent the time thinking about how they could improve each and every ancillary product. In fact, there are so many areas where ancillary products can be improved.

In the end, this is the secret to Archwell Solutions’ success, focusing on details. These little details all add up to save the lender money by using Archwell Solutions’ KeystoneB2B technology combined with its buying power to purchase volume discounts. We save lenders lots of time by accelerating the most time-consuming ancillary products, like appraisals.

In an experiment, Archwell Solutions was provided to just one user in a mortgage operation. Then in just one month, all the other users supporting the organization began using Archwell Solutions, as well, voting with their feet over a number of our competitors.